At Velltech we can run a full test of vehicle diagnostics for your vehicle. We make it a point to keep abreast with the latest technology available in the Industry so to be able to cater and solve  any problem your vehicle might have. We know the challenges that nowadays vehicles present since most of them now have some form of vehicle management system fitted to control and maintain certain aspects of the vehicles running and overall performance. This can control things such as ABS, emission control and many other things.

The diagnostic tools, technical data and wiring diagrams that we use are of the highest standard for vehicle diagnostics. Our mechanics are well trained and so passionate about their work that their final goal is to ensure an effective and reliable repair for your vehicle.

Here at Velltech, customer satisfaction is our top most priority.
To book your vehicle for any of our services simply contact us on 2299 6699 or you can do so through our website, it’s fast and convenient.

A diagnostic test is a specialised software which accurately pin-points any problem in a vehicle engine or elsewhere. It can detect problems long before they cause a breakdown. Diagnostic tools can also check a car’s computer system for manufacturer notifications and stored information about the car’s history, giving technicians a complete picture in order to perform the best repair possible.

Diagnostic tests can reveal a myriad of problems within a vehicle. These can include problems or faults in the engine, transmission, exhaust system, brakes, and other major components, as well as performance issues such as with the fuel injector, air flow, coolant, ignition coils and throttle.

However, a common misconception about car diagnostic tests is that mechanics can use code-reading tools to determine the exact nature of the problem such as what was the reason that triggered the check engine light to turn on, whereas in reality, the code tells mechanics which area of the vehicle has developed a fault like for example the engine or if a component parameter are out of range, but it does not detail the cause of the problem. That’s where the good old human brains comes in handy, as our technicians can rely on their experience and expertise to diagnose any underlying problem.